1. Ka Ying Moua

    I would do more professional work first.

  2. Iam Kongolia

    I forgot where I read but it was said that all or most of the natives in America are said to came to this land due to a flood. Hmong people also have a story tracing to a flood and the lady of this group traveling the world.

  3. Thao Mee Vang

    I am Hmong and just received my 23 and me results, Mostly Asian and 0.5% Native American. Amazing considering that my family has only been in the US since the 1980’s.

    1. Hmongs & Native Americans

      Hi Thao Mee Vang,

      That’s pretty amazing!! I think that if more Hmong and Native American people tested, we should eventually see/find a connection.

      You should upload your raw DNA data to They have some pretty cool tools that you can use to further analyze your DNA and you can connect with other relatives who share the same DNA as you who tested with other companies. It’s a pretty cool site.

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