Filipinos: Native American Like the Aztecs, Toltecs, Apache, Navaho

Are Filipinos related to Native Americans?


Are Filipinos related to Native Americans?
Are Filipinos related to Native Americans?

I’m a half breed Filipino. People on my mom’s side aren’t completely pure. The skin tone on my mom’s side varies from brown or yellow colored, but we all have the same Mexican like facial features because of basque blood. My father is White. I don’t look much different from your modern day Latino. I look 100% Latino. If you think of it, I basically am a Latino because of the mixed of Spanish blood and colored people blood. Filipinos are basically a type of Native American like the Aztecs, Toltecs, Apache, Navaho. At some point thousands of years ago people who were from what is now the Philippines probably inhabited the Americas. I don’t believe that the Filipinos and Northern Asians are related through blood. If you look at the cultures of Filipinos to Chinese, Japanese, Koreans you’ll see that we’re racially separate. Calling Filipinos and Northern Asians the same race is like saying an Arabic person is the same as a European.

The Filipinos and Chinese might share common blood types, slanted eyes, and similar alphabet, but they’re not the same thing. There are major difference between Filipinos and Chinese. If I were to classify Filipinos, I’d say they’re more related to Native Americans than to Northern Asians. The Indonesians and Malaysians are also brothers to some degree just not the Chinese that live in those domains. I do not count the Thais as related.

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