Koreans Would Come Here, Recognize Native Americans As Dong-Yi People


Blood & Asia


I’m new to the forum and of Korean descent. I have 2 questions. I was wondering how people feel about keeping the bloodlines intact. I myself believe that the mind, body, and spirit are one and thus how the spirit flows is dependent upon our blood/dna. Just as it matters whether we are male or female affect our nature and spiritual tendencies, keeping our bloodlines intact matters to our relationship with the Spirit, and the authenticity/unity of our people’s purpose on earth. Therefore, to me, it’s important to maintain bloodlines even as we change with our culture, our struggles, our identity, etc. Although not politically correct according to the hypocritical white man (even though they display overt racial preference for other whites), maintaining bloodlines is important because it is more than dna coding but a dna frequency to relate with our ancestors and Spirit in our own unique embodiment and make-up. That being said, blood/dna research, ancient maps, ancient histories, ancient culture unite us as a common peoples, so is it not a mystery but a reality that we are lost brothers and sisters of generations past. Shouldn’t we transcend the divisive English language for our peoples, for example, we don’t have a unifying word for our peoples in English. I am called Asian, but that is a matter of geography, or Mongoloid, but that is a matter of nationality, but what do we call in English all our peoples around the world (my 1st question)?

In Korean we call our peoples Dong-Yi despite where we reside, but its a word that signifies our origin/bloodlines, so Koreans would come here and recognize Native Americans as Dong-Yi people rather than merely by nation or geography. I guess, I am trying to say we are brothers and sisters, don’t we deserve to overcome the white man’s continuing severing of our peoples and build a new social context of relations with each other? For example, Japan and Korea had awful past history between each other but the peoples were able to overcome it despite governmental flare ups here and there, and build a new social context with each other. There are differences, yes, but we have a stronger peoples and common benefit to all our peoples in Southeast and East Asia having cultural exchange, inter-marriage, trade, etc…all done despite governmental or the white man’s interference. One could even say the rise of Asia is in direct correlation to the unity of its peoples and our past weakness is in direct correlation to our division.

I would just like to hear about peoples acceptance or un-acceptance of the idea of building a new social context between our peoples, regardless of difficutly/feasibility, … do you recognize your brother and sisters in Asia? Is there not value in trying to develop relations as Hopis/Tibetans or Hawaiian/Japanese have? So my question to y’all is that do you value social interaction with your lost brothers and sisters namely Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Tibetan, Mongolian, etc. peoples or do diverging histories due to the white man, geography, and culture outweigh our common blood/dna and ancestry (my 2nd question)? And I’m not talking about business relations, I’m talking about people relations. If you could please state what nation you are from, and response to question 1 & 2. Thank you.


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