Hmong Used the Word Man to Categorized Other Groups: Native Americans

Shang Dynasty and the Chu Warring State

Provincial Governor (Cishi 刺史) |

Shang Dynasty and the Chu Warring State
Shang Dynasty and the Chu Warring State

Let others know what? So they can agree with you and disagree with me? I clearly stated that I’m not a nationalist nor have I claim that the Shang and Warring States were 100% belong to the Miao. I happened to show cultural similarity. You failed to read what I stated and respond back by telling me I’m wrong. So, telling others make you right? I’m sure you’re like those people who want everyone to agree with him. CONGRATULATION. Of course Man is consider a derogatory word. The Hmong used ‘Man’ to classified the Ethnic Yi. Ethnic Yi are natives of Southwest China. I do know the word Man was used at different periods of history. We Hmong used the word Man to categorized other groups like the Austronesian and Pacific Islanders as well as Native Americans. Originally, the word Man refers to the Yi. Came straight out of a Chinese and Miao Annals(folktales). How did you know it came from Changsha? How did you know it was established by the Western Han empire?

You tend to believe in what you learned and then force whatever you learn on me. How do Chinese know? People were not alive back then to even know what Dynasty they came from and etc… It’s like saying, Hanfu is the real Chinese clothings yet many Han Chinese today do not recognized nor see Hanfu as their native clothes. I can’t say Lady Dai is Miao or Chinese, but the pictures depicting heaven, the middle world and the underworld can be relate to the Hmong Funeral Belief. Though I am not quick to claim that she’s Miao or Han or whatever.

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