What Are Things You Do to Honor Your Culture, Traditions, Ancestors?

Hmongs & Native Americans
Hmongs & Native Americans

What are some things you do to honor your culture, traditions and/or ancestors??

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  1. One thing I do to Honor my Hmong generations, is to educate them about Life insurance and the cash value (savings) in investing with Indexed Universal Life; so we as minorities can break the cycle of poverty and get out of the ‘ghettos’.

  2. Good point, Zeb Rock, but there is an extent to how insurance is valuable. I personally don’t agree with the concept of insurance policy, but it does help in the long run. I’m a poor college student who lives on my own and work part-time, so buying an insurance policy for be is out of question.

  3. ^ I go to college!!! My wife does too! She works fulltime too as a phlebotomist at Columbia St. Mary’s! And Im only doing this part-time, mostly on the weekend! and how come I can buy a life policy for me, my wife and my 5 yr old daughter! Dude, the younger you are the cheaper!!! duh! My daughter’s 22.50 a mo. Im 63/month and my wife 52/ month! Always cheaper for the ladies… smh

  4. All I care is that I get to educate our people about it! and a way out of the ghetto!! and to stop all the young Hmong bros and sisters from living under they daddies and mommies for the rest of their lives in the ghetto! and Break the cycle of poverty! and isn’t it embarrassing if you are 30 freaking years old and still live with your mommy and daddy and is married and have kids!? When the hell do you wanna change??? Why do you want your kids to be the same as you!? Why do you want to the stupiest Asian race out there!? Hmongs are on the bottom of the totem pole out of all the Asian race out there! The lowest of the low! That’s why we don’t have a country of our own to call! That’s why we can’t get along! That’s why we all are so damn poor!

  5. That’s great. The factors that contributed to Hmong losing land was not solely on financial means. A lot of time it’s betrayal, misinformation, greed. All throughout Hmong history, Hmong lost land because of them. In China, the Chinese bribed Hmong for information about the whereabouts of Hmong generals and leaders with money, promising them with status and sparing their family’s life. Greed is a big one. When one is offered cash value, they turn against their own kind to make that short, temporary stability. When educating people on anything, tell them the whole truth while you’re at it. That’ll help build deeper trust. Okay, way out of topic.